Grace Lee is the owner and baker of Love, Sugar & Grace. Grace's love for baking began as soon as she was able to reach the oven dials with the help of her trusty step stool. 

In 2010, a friend asked Grace to create a dessert table for her wedding of 400 guests at Union Station in Chicago, Illinois.  Grace took on the challenge and successfully catered her first event, which sparked her passion for baking and creating unique desserts.  Ironically, Grace's first dessert table was also executed during her first year of law school.  Throughout Grace's legal career she continued to bake as a hobby but quickly realized that baking was her true passion.  Grace began searching for ways to increase her pastry skills and through the help of her culinary friends, Grace was offered opportunities to stage with the best pastry chefs New York and a Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago. 

As Grace's clientele continued to grow, she realized she could no longer double as an attorney and a baker.  In 2016, she quit her job to pursue her love for baking full-time and Love, Sugar, & Grace was born.